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She’s a darling writer with a perpetual bite of the travel bug (we live vicariously through her adventures) and a penchant for the positive mood-lifters


A fashionista roaming around New York City that makes you feel almost as pink and sparkly as she is


A well written collection of well, thoughts, that can vary from raw over-sharing which will spark your more morbid curiosities to blunt advice to fresh takes on social commentary all by intellectual book-worms probably living in a city-that-never-sleeps.


A sweet, indie chick in California who shares her day-to-day with you –oh, with fashion and artsy tips along the way.


WAY cool– shows you what your life would be like if you lived in another country. Wanderlusters, beware.


Take this test and get informed, if you’re curious as to what ‘sex-type’ you fall under…there are several more than just gay, straight and bi-sexual. Curious? I thought so.


A pretty cool shop for independently selling artists (prints, their art printed on various bags, mugs, calendars)– if you wanted something unique and beautiful….:}


Passionate about Fashion, Baking, and being the object of hundreds of followers’ envy, this girl knows what she’s doing. You might spend hours looking at this unending display of her talents.


Ooh la la, if you are feeling Frenchy and Fashion-ee, mon petit pain, do click above. If you are practicing a bit of French, it may inspire you, too :}!


Lastly, to inform you all of the crisis in Egypt, a nice compilation of what is going on there. Do check it out: it is highly informative and it is basic, unbiased journalism.

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My experience with a psychic hotline

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I have been found out by a recurring character in this blog, but I will tirelessly continue :\.

I know, I know, it’s pretty hokey. But what do you think on the subject of psychics, fellas? I myself believe that there are some out there who really, really know their stuff. I believe there are other people out there who make money off of unsuspecting people–these people just need someone to tell them it will all be okay and feel some conviction after having heard that. There are people who just need assurance that their life will turn out okay, or that they will turn out okay, or that their relationship will turn out okay, and they turn to psychics for reassurance.

My theory is that this partially has to do with realizing that you have lost the ability to believe, with blind faith, in your parents or parental figures– y’know, or something ;}.

The Experience

Well, my Boy had gotten a reading done by a psychic at a call-in psychic line, and she had some distressing news: we weren’t meant to be! Alas! However, with  a bit of skepticism, we could chalk it up to a fake. That, and we weren’t very concerned about the future, because we are bohemian road runners, guy, and we’ll do what we want for the present, future shmyucher. Well, almost. We decided I should call, too, to the same psychic and see what she had to say about me. After waiting on the line, elevator myoozac blaring into my ear (I was afraid to pull away from the phone lest I miss something important), I heard her dulcet voice, etherealotherworldly… asking my name (interrupted only by the ringing of the constellations and her rattling death-cough). The conversation went something like this:

Psychic (raspy, smokers voice) : Is there anything you would like to know today, honey?

Me: Yes, I would like to know about my love-life and about what I’m doing in the future. I have only bought ten minutes, so I’d like to hurry, please.

(pause for thirty or so seconds)

Psychic: What was that? I couldn’t hear you.

I repeat myself, and she asks for my full name and date of birth. Then she asks if I really want to hear what she has to say. I say yes.

Psychic: Has there been a break up? If not, I see one in your future. Honey, it’s okay. I don’t think it’s meant to be, and I don’t know if it will happen because of a fight or because someone has to move away, but it’s going to happen. I see a break up in your future. I also see that you are unlucky with love. But you will meet someone in the future– maybe in a year or so. He will be younger than you. I’m seeing a uniform. Sparks will fly immediately, but then die down, and then pick up again.  As for your career, you will be experiencing a change soon. A big, good change. You have good luck with your career sector. Don’t worry. You’re a young girl, you’ll figure things out. Only you can decide your destiny. Honey don’t fret. You’re going to have a fight with your mother, and she will be right and you will be wrong. It’s okay, you have to remember she loves you. She’s not doing anything to hurt you. But she loves you and is going to do what she thinks is right for you and and she will be right.(sounds sad)

All of what she’s saying sounds delightfully familiar. Later, when relaying this story to my mother, it occurs to me that this reading sounds suspiciously like My Boy’s.

Me: Do you think I should get married, in general?

Psychic: I do think you should get married. You need to be stable and settled before your career will work. If you can get married now, you should.

(me thinking: what.)

Psychic: What did you study in school, did you like it? That is, why did you study it and do you want to pursue it?

Me: Erm. Political Science and Japanese. I took that because it had an international potential, and I’m not sure if I see myself doing something in that field. I don’t really think I want to.

Psychic: I don’t see you doing that, honey. Why would you take Political Science, what can you do with that anyways. (Insert SIGGGGHHHHHHH here and roll of eyes)

Me (very uncomfortable): Ahm. Y’know, you can work for an NGO or…y’know…work for the state or…

Psychic: What jobs are you currently pursuing?

Me: Um, I guess I’m just looking for administrative, marketing assistant jobs…that kind of thing… (still uncomfortable)

Psychic: Yes. You should be someone’s personal assistant. I see you blooming in this field. It will open up your world and potential, caring for someone else.


Dear reader, I kid you not.

CASE EVALUATION: Throughout this, she has paused for long lengths of time (it is timed, remember. But maybe she just can’t breathe). Towards the end, she runs out of things to say and keeps encouraging me to continue trying in life. She makes a large list of generalizations throughout. Then there’s the whole ‘same-story-as-my-boy’ thing.

Now here’s the rub: Is that because she tells everyone the same thing, or is it because she saw the same future for us? Ah! How to know?

ahem. She also would repeatedly ask me for information about my life, “where was I living, what job field was I in now, where was my mother now (ie. making sure she was alive before she told me we’d fight),” et cetera.

{To believe or not to believe!}

I think it’s pretty obvious I don’t believe– at least in this particular lady. The one thing I do believe is that though we might have some little things written out for us in our destinies, we make our own life. I think you get what you give! Isn’t that a wee bit happier? I think a real psychic cannot necessarily give you specifics, and probably cannot do it in large quantities (a phone service). But others may think differently:

{What say you, O reader?}

A little cup of coffee

Ah, coffee. Let’s have a little run through, shall we? I’m going to go through a couple staple coffee drinks for everyone out there who may not have an idea of what, precisely, all those fancy coffee drinks are at your local Starbucks OR mom’n’pop coffee shop. Primero: the above reads “ko-hee” which is the absolutely adorable Japanese word for ‘coffee’ :} Has your heart melted! Has it! Segundo: The above is also a bunch of shots of espresso.

Ah, Espresso (sounds fancy, no?). Espresso is a delicious way of preparing coffee, and it is also the root of most of those fancy drinks. Espresso beans are traditionally the same as coffee beans. It’s how fine you grind them that makes the difference. Espresso beans are ground to a very fine consistency because espressos are prepared by literally forcing super hot water at super high pressure through this teeny tiny little container and into your glass. So, if the grind wasn’t fine, the water would be forced at high pressure into your pod and would move around the grind; it wouldn’t get much flavor.

If you’ve done it right, you get a lovely crema (a creamy frothy dericious at the top of the espresso).

But espresso is too strong-tasting for me, so I get lattes. Ahhhh, here we are. The second secret ingredient is steamed milk. Steamed milk is simply injecting little bubbles of steam into the milk to both warm it up and create a nice froth at the top.

Basically, you add espresso and variations of steamed milk and get: macchiatos (little secret: at starbucks, the caramel ones are normally actually lattes), lattes, cappuccinos, cafe breves, et cetera. Steamed milk is also fun to use for delicious hot chocolate and chai.

Here is a pretty exciting picture for your reference :}

The rest has to do with extras, like syrups and sauces, et cetera. I hope this was a little educational and made coffee shopping a little less intimidating, dear adventurers!

Until we meet again,

ヒーラル ❤

DIY: Planner

One of the things I wanted to do for the new year was make my own planner. I can be super picky about my stationary stuff, especially if I’m gonna be stuck with it for a while. Well, I thought maybe I’d share the process with the lot of you, so without further ado, here is DIY planner, complete with pictures (read: warning, picture heavy post):

What you’ll need:

-Old plain thank you card or any card will do—as long as there’s no writing and the paper is thick

-Moleskine 5 by 8 blank or lined book

-Scissors, both normal and zig-zag if you’ve got ‘em

-A rad button

-Some old diary keys and some string

-Magazine/cool pictures you enjoy

-Quotes you may enjoy

-Provided Calendar Insert (for longer months, you’ll have to write in the 22/30 or whatever on the same day, sorry ducklings ;] )

-Colored pens or pencils, or whatever you please to write with

-Needle and Thread

-A lot of patience

-glue stick

The Process:

First you should decide what you want your planner to look like—in my case, all the planners I wanted were too expensive and from Korea. So I looked up a bunch of cute Korean planners and decided to try and emulate ‘em. The picture you see on the inside with the little girl hanging from the umbrella I copied from a Korean planner because I thought it was cute(and I’m not selling this or making profit off of it, of course. Full credit given right here (they took the planner down, but their stuff is SO CUTE, so look : http://stores.ebay.com/himoristore). The rest, of course, is from my head, so get that creativity flowing planner-makers ;}

  1. I started by drawing the lines you see on the planner in a diamond shape—this was simple. I used a colored pencil to draw directly on the plain moleskine booklet after measuring out straight lines lightly in pencil beforehand. (it says, “and then one day, you kissed me” from the film Paris Je T’aime)
  2. After that, I took an old thank you card and cut out the shape you see on the front cover. I drew the “planner” and the elephants on it and wrote “kiss kiss” in Japanese with a brown pen. Then I sewed this onto the planner so you can see the thread marks.
  3. I then also sewed on the button on the front cover on the side because well. I thought it was a cute button, I s’pose. Yes! The front is done
  4. For the inside, I cut out some more from the thank you card with the zigzag scissors and drew a quote from one of my favorite songs (Cristobal by Devendra Banhart and his beautiful accompaniment Gael Garcia Bernal) (it says, “sweet rain accompanies me throughout the night until the morning,”) I then drew the Korean Cartoon I thought was cute ;}. I pasted this onto the first page. (The Japanese is incorrect– the problems with writing in pen. It should say 2011 he Yookoso (welcome to 2011).
  5. I also cut out some cool pictures from magazines and various pieces of art-things I kept in my room with the zigzag scissors (these are awesome. They make things look scrappy and fun) and pasted them throughout the planner.
  6. I made a template for the calendar itself where you can write in the month—that character is a Kanji character used in Japanese (and Chinese) that means ‘month’. Feel free to use it! Just paste it onto the plain page and repeat twelve times, with pictures or room to write in between: whatever format you want, mon frères.
  7. Lastly, tie those old keys onto the string and thread that string into a needle. In the very middle of the book (where you can see the seams), sew it into the seams at the top and make sure the string you’ve picked is long enough to be your bookmark. Tie and knot. The end! You’ve got your own, home-made planner. Oh la la!

Happy Planning, darlings ;]

Art Roll

It’s been such a while, I have to apologize for being such a horrible blogger :\ BUT for now, I shall update with art! Here is some of the stuff I’ve been working on, please enjoy ;] Any questions, feel free to ask.



From Neil Gaiman's "The Sandman"

I will have something else up shortly– I promise ;]


To preface the gravity of what I’m going to write about, here’s a video:

So this week has been pret-ty crazy. Let me let you in on a little bit of my  life, as I guess this is what this whole thing is about, eh?  Iiiii told you all before that I have to pretty much make lists to exist (*I have to make goals 🙂 ) And some of these goals for the past couple of months have included:

Work in a cafe, learn about it

Work someplace I can speak Japones OR espanol OR both (Japanese NGO, super cool)

Go exercise and be healthy (MAN)

-Study for the GREs

-Learn to dance, OH COME ON PLEASE LEARN

Learn how to make coffee and some pastries

-Do what really makes me happy– follow my gut

Practice art 🙂


-Travel (…does NY, CA, and CO count? ….I meant more South America/Europe/the like, so I guess not :\ )

Start a blog (http://hiyoooo.com/)

I made this list ohhhhhh…I wanna say in July. AND GUESS WHAT. The ones in bold are kinda accomplished/being accomplished. I JUST GOT A JOB AT A COFFEE SHOP and I’d been trying for months! MONTHS! I went through training, can steam milk (badly, but getting there) am learning about the types of coffees. (My coffee shop is more of a sandwich shop, though, which blows a little.) Anyways, overall: the gig’s OK, the people are super rad. Another rant about that, later 🙂

AHHHH coffee knowledge is beautiful though!  coffee part is…ufffffff SO nice and delicious and I love it dearly, yes I do! Ooh la la!

Coffee, Coffee, Coffee 🙂

THERE ARE FREE COFFEE LESSONS, did anyone else know this?! How rad is that?! I’m going to some THIS FRIDAY because they’re that friggin cool! yowza! Expand my woooorrrrld, la la la 🙂

Two things I want: an espresso maker and a milk steamer. I want them. Christmas. CHRISTMAS.

Y’know what, Eff  all that jazz, I’ma find a pumpkin patch to play in and pretend I’m Ludacris and ain’t no one gonna touch this gurl, man.

Pumpkin Patches are for ballers only, motherfucker.